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Q:What are the benefits of a functional blood chemistry test?

There is no better way to get a broad perspective on issues affecting your health. A standard, comprehensive blood chemistry test, can suggest the probability of many conditions, including various types of anemia, gut, viral and bacterial infections, liver and kidney issues, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid, adrenal problems and more.

Conventional medicine is geared toward providing care once a disease manifests and often has little to offer before it occurs. In other words, a person is considered healthy because no disease is present, even if she goes through days feeling awful.

Q: If multiple issues are shown on the lab test, where does the doctor begin?

After running a functional blood chemistry test to identify areas of dysfunction, we prioritize those areas for treatment in a pattern that will eventually lead to optimum health for you.

For example: If a patient wants to assess hormonal issues, identifying and correcting all of the areas that may be contributing to the dysfunction must be addressed before concentrating on the hormones.  If that same patient is anemic, with GI and blood sugar dysfunctions, it becomes very difficult to establish normal hormonal balance.  Attempting to fix hormonal issues without correcting the building blocks will usually result in less than optimal results.

Q:Aren't lab tests expensive?
We have absolutely no financial interest in any lab companies. The labs we use, we do so because those labs are the absolute best at what they do. Any lab payment that you may have for a particular lab reflects the total cost of the lab with absolutely no cost being passed to our office. (i.e.. We have no financial gain from any lab that you use.)

Some of the tests are not covered by traditional insurance and some are. Although we do not bill insurance for labs, during our consultation, if we decide that a particular lab we need, can be obtained from your primary care doctor, then we will provide the proper information so that you can work with him or her to obtain it.

Our only goal is to obtain the information needed to make a functional diagnosis and get to the root cause of your problem. We want to facilitate you achieving your health goals.

Q:How do we continue our relationship after your initial consultation and followup appointment?
After we have completed our initial consultation, and made our initial set of treatment recommendations we will decide on our next step.

Usually we will prescribe to you a series of diet, lifestyle, and supplemental changes, and then schedule another consultation in the future. This will allow us to review your progress, review your most recent lab findings, and move onto the next phase of care.

Q:What do you mean by the next phase of care?
When we are working in the functional model there are usually a logical progression of changes that we have to make to be effective. We may identify three imbalances, call them A, B, and C. Your particular case may require optimizing imbalance B before we can be effective with A and C.

Q:Here is an advantage for you by getting to the cause.
What usually happens is a practitioner will ONLY look at imbalance C, because that is their "speciality", and after two or three attempts to normalize that imbalance they will give up with no results achieved. Had the "specialist" looked at the big picture and had specific lab findings like we do, they would have known that imbalance B was the area that must be optimized before they ever had a chance to fix imbalance A or C.

We can work together to truly change your chronic condition. We are going to work at your pace, and take the necessary steps to help you reach your goals.

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