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Our action plan for the New You!

Call our office 630-858-9900 to schedule your initial UltraSlim LipoLaser session. During this conversation we will be able to determine if you are a candidate for the  Lipo Laser based on your current health status, personal goals, current lifestyle and assess any contraindications.

To support your LipoLaser inch loss, you may consider beginning our nutritional program (preparing your body for optimal performance to release & rid itself of body fats). Ask us how. This is optional but recommended if you do not have a food & lifestyle plan already in place, so you maintain your inch loss.

Please arrive to your first laser treatment session 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please be prepared by doing the following:

  1. Complete all your initial paperwork prior to your first appointment.
  2. Refraining from consuming food or beverage 1-2 hours prior to each UltraSlim Lipo Laser treatment.
  3. Expect to take before pictures prior to start of session (optional)
    • Measurements will also be taken with a tension-controlled measuring tape.
  4. During the laser treatments, you will experience:
    • Relaxing on the treatment bed, paddles will be placed on the treatment area and may be moved, should more than one area be target for fat loss. You will feel nothing except for a relaxing warming sensation from the paddle.
  5. The Whole Body Vibration platform will be offered after the session for 10 minutes to increase your circulation, stimulate body systems and assist the body in flushing out toxins & stimulating your lymphatics.
  6. Following your treatment please refrain from consuming any foods or caloric beverages for at least two (2) hours, however  you may drink plenty of water. In addition, you are encourgaged to participate in a physical activity of any sort. Again, please don't forget to drink plenty of water! Increased water intake will better position the body to eliminate the contents (liquefied fats) released from the treatment.
  7. Wear a compression garment daily. If you are beginning with the Waist Buster "Try Me" session, wear your compression garment for 24 hours after your initial session.
  8. Repeat preparation for each of the program appointments. Expect to enjoy the great results!

Supporting your success:

It is important to manage your expectations and its critical to participate in an appropriate diet, lifestyle and exercise program in conjunction with your UltraSlim Lipo Laser treatments. We will provide you with a guidance sheet to follow the recommended protocols to ensure you achieve the optimal results from your treatments.

A standard 45 minute procedure releases approximately 40-60 grams of fat. The UltraSlim Lipo Laser mobilizes fatty acids and works synergistically with the body’s natural mechanisms.


It is highly recommended that you participate in cardiovascular activity within 2-4 hours after the treatment.


To both stimulate the lymphatics further and engage the muscles to use the free fatty acids as an energy source, you will use our Whole Body Vibration immediately after your session. An addiltional option is to considering adding in an Infared  sauna session immediately post treatment.


DO NOT eat 1-2 hours prior or 2 + hours following treatments.

Drinking: Only water should be ingested 1-2 hours prior to, and 2+ hours following treatments to optimize results. Water should be consumed moderately prior to treatment while plenty of water is recommended following the treatment.

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