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Is The Lipo Laser Fat Removal Permanent? 

It is frequently asked if the Ultra Slim Lipo Laser is going to be a permanent solution or if the fat will either come back or move to a different part of the body. The answers is that it is not permanent.

The Ultra Slim Lipo Laser requires some discipline in maintaining weight to maintain permanent results. The lipo laser melts fat cells that is then either absorbed by your body for energy or excreted out of the body via the urine and/or feces. The removal of the excess fat cells leaves behind a small layer of fat to provide a natural soft contour to the skin. Fat cells do have the ability to store more fat, however, this usually only occurs if a patient's lifestyle changes, more calories are consumed than burned off  and then, naturally more fat is stored. In these cases you can get fat returning to the same or other areas.

Generally, once the fat cells from targeted areas in the body are removed, they’re gone and the human body does not normally create new fat cells to take their place. However, not every fat cell in an area is removed/or its fat contents dumped completely during a procedure, which means that you DO have to continue to live a healthy lifestyle after the Ultra Slim Lipo Laser  machine procedure if you want to maintain your new look. The is true for any method of weight or fat loss.

If you gain weight, the fat will come back . Despite what any manufacturers and others may claim, there is no treatment which can permanently remove all the fat cells. The best way to “permanent" fat removal is to continue exercise and watch your diet.

With any lipo laser treatment program, a healthy diet and regular exercise is recommended as part of a continued healthy lifestyle to help maintain your weight. Then, to improve the results even further, patients wear a compression garment during their treatment period to help shape the area post procedure.

The best candidate for Lipo Laser is a patient who has a stable exercise regimen and a healthy diet. The patient in this situation may still have areas of fat that just won't go away and may require additional metabolic help and/or a referral for a more invasive procedure, such as lipo-suction.

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